bathroom cabinet design is reasonable to be practical

The bathroom cabinet has the function of storage, and at the same time plays the role of decorating the bathroom, so you must carefully design it. You can refer to the following design strategy.



1. Adopt high cabinet design


Increasing the storage space In traditional decoration design, high cabinet -type bathroom cabinets are not common. In fact, high cabinets on the wall can make full use of the vertical position of the wall, provide large -capacity storage space, and can also target different storage needs for different storage needs. , Open open design, used to place common items, more convenient to pick up and placement.


2. Use mirror cabinet+multi -drawer storage design


Beautiful and practical multi -drawer storage bathroom cabinets allow different specifications of bathrooms such as shower supplies and hair dryers to store in an orderly manner. Small and medium -sized units are particularly suitable for this design, deep drawer+shallow drawer, closed drawer+open drawer flexible combination to make the bathroom face value And the storage function doubles.


3. Use suspension storage design


The moisture -proof and mildew -proof toilet is a wet area, which is easy to humid and moldy. You can use the local space of the wall to create a suspension bathroom cabinet, such as above the toilet and the area above the face washing table. Sanitary dead ends, more convenient cleaning.


Summary: The bathroom cabinet is well designed, not only to keep the bathroom clean, tidy, and beautiful, but also more convenient to use it.


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