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Shower room procurement skills

To choose a shower room, the choice of shower room should be adapt to the shower room, and it is necessary to consider according to the size of your bathroom space. And shower room safety is also one of the important factors for consideration.     1. The quality of the glass is very critical.…

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Purchasing skills of floor drain

As a member of the bathroom hardware accessories, although the floor drain is inconspicuous in modern home decoration, the role is irreplaceable. Whether the selection of the floor drain directly affects the life use in the future, so some precautions cannot be ignored regardless of whether it is purchasing a floor drain or installation of…

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Bathroom sink

Bathroom sink procurement skills

Bathroom sinks are commonly used in bathrooms. You need to use your daily washing your face. Choosing a good bathroom sink product can improve the quality of life. The following articles can help you purchase a satisfactory bathroom sink product.     1. Size   There is no problem to pay attention to the length,…

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Bathroom cabinet procurement skills

In the bathroom, there are many things that are necessary, such as bathroom cabinets. The bathroom cabinet is a furniture that we stores and store things. Before buying, we need to understand the knowledge of the product to choose a suitable product.     1. How to choose a table   The countertop materials of…

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Basin water faucet procurement skills

The basin water faucet is the hygienic cleansing with the highest frequency of the bathroom. Whether it is washing, toiletting, or doing some conventional cleaning and finishing, the pot faucet will be used. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a practical and durable tap.       1, look at the material   Check…

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bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories procurement skills

Everyone likes to have a comfortable and beautiful bathroom. When choosing bathroom accessories, the function must be considered first. That is what you need to buy. For everyone to choose faster and more conveniently, the following brings you some guidance on how to choose bathroom accessories.     1. Small tricks to buy bathroom hardware…

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Household bathtub procurement skills

When purchasing a bathtub, not only is it clear about the size of the bathtub, but you can also choose the correct choice for what kind of bathtub to buy. At the same time, choose different styles and types of bathtubs based on your preferences and drainage.     Bathing Skills 1:Size size   The…

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Bathroom mirror procurement skills

The bathroom mirror can be said to be indispensable for the bathroom. Although it is inconspicuous, in order to choose a higher quality and more heart -minded mirror, you need to choose cautiously!     1. Look at the appearance of the bathroom mirror   When buying bathroom mirrors, you should observe the mirror from…

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Women’s washing machine buying skills

In the face of a wide range of Women’s washing machine products in the market, how to buy it? Is there any purchase skills?     1. Observe the surface of the sanitary ware. Be sure to observe it closely at a close distance under the strong light source.   2. Use water droplets to…

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The advantages of constant temperature shower

Under the wave of smart home upgrades, smart bathroom products with refined functions and more unlocking comfortable experience are entering consumers’ toilets. People’s love for smart homes is also gradually growing, and constant temperature shower is one of them.     1. The advantages of constant temperature shower   (1) Higher safety. Its safety mainly…

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Difference between spa and massage bathtub

The spa pool is a product that is used for physical therapy, relaxed, and leisure. It can be used for leisure places such as bathroom supporting, sun room, basement, swimming pool, villa courtyard and other leisure places. The massage bathtub is limited to the bathroom supporting.     Secondly, there is a significant difference in…

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Buy toilet to choose rainbow or straight?

With the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, everyone’s purchase of products is becoming more and more particular. They advocate choosing a practical and cost -effective product. Therefore, some people will have corresponding doubts on the choice of toilet. What about a straight toilet?     The name of the siphon -type toilet is derived…

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