How to choose the right bathroom shower

Many friends are hesitant to face dark bathroom shower and bright shower when they purchase shower. In fact, everything is beneficial and disadvantaged. Choose a product that suits you according to your actual situation!



The advantages of bright shower


The water supply hoses and accessories of bright shower are outside. If there are problems in the future, it is convenient for inspection and maintenance. The installation process is also relatively simple, saving work hours.


The disadvantages of bright shower


Because hoses and accessories are exposed to the outside, it will use the space occupied by the bathroom, and it looks a bit messy.



The advantages of dark shower


The dark shower looks more concise and beautiful visually, without occupying space.


Disadvantages of dark shower


The valve core of the dark shower is buried in the wall. If there is a problem with the valve core in the wall in the future, such as the leakage of the valve core interface, the maintenance will be more troublesome. It is necessary to open this wall to repair.


Precautions for installing shower


1. Outlet shower


The water pipe of the bright shower is left -handed, and the sprinkler’s custard reserved distance standard is 10cm. When reserved the silk head, the thickness of the wall tile must be considered. It is best to get higher than 15mm.If the wool wall level is level, the silk head will be trapped too deep in the wall after the wall tile is pasted, which will affect the installation of the shower.


2. Dark shower


When choosing a dark shower, the center of the water outlet is 2.1 meters from the ground standard, and the center of the shower switch should be 1.1 meters away from the ground.

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